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ASEAN-China Survey 2022: Managing Cooperation Amidst Geopolitical Tensions

2022 is a year that geopolitical tension and war dominated the global conversation. Russia's invasion of Ukraine shows no sign of ending soon and sparked systemic effects to the world, including Southeast Asia, through various debacles such as the food and energy crisis and economic recession. The headwinds affect geopolitical dynamics in Southeast Asia and countries' leader's foreign policymaking. ASEAN relations with China are no exception. ASEAN-China relations have spanned three decades, with China as ASEAN's largest trading partner, not to mention China's pivotal role in shaping the global political landscape. FPCI's Research and Analysis department conducted the "ASEAN-China Survey 2022" to understand public perceptions on ASEAN-China relations amidst geopolitical tensions by capturing 1658 collected respondents from all ASEAN member countries' students and elites.

ASEAN-China Survey 2022

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