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The two previous ASEAN-China Surveys have proven that on several issues, policymakers and grassroots did not see eye-to-eye. For example, last year, business people and government officials showed different views on whether China treated ASEAN as equal partners. Despite the close proximity, ASEAN countries also showed varied perceptions of China’s influence in their countries. Furthermore, we see how a number of international, geopolitical, and economic issues looming in the region remain seen as high-level and untouchable by the grassroots, thereby leaving out the perspectives of citizens from the equation. These uncatered views result in a gap in understanding between policymakers and grassroots. 


Against this backdrop, the gap in understanding between multiple stakeholders inspired FPCI to come up with the initiative to conduct a regional survey that studies people’s perspectives on existing policies and relationship dynamics between ASEAN and China. As we view the importance for ASEAN and Chinese leaders to formulate policies that include people’s perspectives, we see the survey as the platform to help policymakers to better understand the public.


Targeted at Southeast Asian nationals, grouped into five categories (government officials, academia, the business community, civil society, and students), we want to ensure that all layers of society are represented.


The result of the previous study has been disseminated to and used by multiple stakeholders, including policymakers, government stakeholders, academics, and others to evaluate existing policies and make better decisions in the future. This year’s survey result will follow the same path. 


Join us in helping Southeast Asian and Chinese leaders make better decisions on ASEAN by participating in ASEAN China Survey 2022.

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ASEAN-China Survey 2022

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